Practical Magic Dressed Green Intention Candles for Luck & Good Fortune, Prosperity & Abundance


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Created with special intention and dressed with Peppermint, Pine, Roses, Cinnamon, Sage, Linden Flower, Honeysuckle, Cornflower, and Green Glitter.

These ritual candles were created with a specific intent in mind. When working with them, the user can intensify their purpose through spoken or silent words that will enhance the intention. Observe how the flame reacts while burning and focusing your intention on the candle.

Please Note: These ritual candles are heavily dressed with herbs, flowers, glitters, and oils for specific intentions, which will cause them to burn more intensely, and sometimes can burn in a torch like effect. These candles should never be left unsupervised. It is best to burn these types of candles in a holder on a heat proof type of plate or base, as pieces may fall off the candles while burning. Never allow your candles to burn while out of your line of vision. These candles usually burn for approximately one hour, depending on the dressings that are applied to them. 

This listing is for one set of two dressed candles and a charm.