Star Garnet Mini Spheres



There are so many things to say about working with Garnet, that I am unsure where to begin! Garnet is our go to root chakra stone, for both protection and grounding. For women, this is also a powerful reminder of your sexual energy and the beauty of fertility. If you are feeling the need to really revitalize your energy, renew passion, or anchor yourself to source while you work with your spiritual communication tools in a safe, protected manner, this is a stone for you! I know I speak to all of you often about opening and allowing your Kundalini energy to flow freely, but this is a stone that stabilizes that energy into a very balanced, efficient level. I implore you to find something in garnet for you to keep in your collection, and to allow it to work it's magic on your life!

This listing is for one Star Garnet Mini Sphere