Mini Mushroom Necklace



These mini mushroom necklaces are a fun way to adorn yourself with gemstone magic, while honoring the mushroom, a symbol of intuitive and subconscious exploration. Each mushroom pendant comes on a black cord, and you can select the gemstone in the list below. 

 The metaphysical magic behind mushrooms that grow in the dark, reminds us that there is exploration to be done, and self discovery to made, even in the darkest of places, the dualistic side of ourselves that does not see the sun, but only the moon. Bring the subconscious to light with these pretty little mushroom necklaces, and let your necklace serve as a reminder of the work that is yet to be done on your own evolution. 

There is a belief that mushrooms came to us from other planets, and were placed here to activate evolution and advance human consciousness. Whatever you believe, may this mushroom necklace find you at the right time.

This listing is for one necklace.