Blue Tigers Eye Cube


Also known as “Hawk’s Eye”, Blue Tiger’s Eyes are known for their calming ability. These stones will help you relax and feel less stressed, and help calm a hot temper. The Blue Tiger’s Eye associates with the Throat Chakra, helping to clear it, and enabling your throat to relax. This can help in times where one might have to speak in public to a group, or for those who find it difficult to attend social functions. This is an excellent stone for help in astral travel, remote viewing and clairvoyance. The association of this stone to hawks means that it is a wonderful stone for travelers and flying. Healers find the Blue Tiger’s Eye useful as protection against negative energy.

Tiger Eye is incredible for healing work because it has such a loving and warm feeling. Known for its ability to increase clairvoyance, tiger eye stones are seer stones. Egyptians used these stones as eyes for their statues, expressing that they had the capability of divine vision, and granted its keeper protection from Ra the sun god. In Rome, soldiers carried it with them to give them bravery during battles and reflecting weapons. These are incredible stones for reflecting back ill intentions from those who envy you, attracting good fortune into your life, and giving you the ability to see the reality of things that others cannot.

This listing is for one Blue Tigers Eye Cube.