Selenite Spheres (75-80mm)


Wow! I cannot put words to how happy I am to have sourced these beautiful selenite spheres for your enjoyment! Stones of pure magic, selenite cleanses and purifies whatever space it is placed in, and is a highly sought after stone for channeling angelic spirit guides and elder spirits. This is a self cleansing stone, and a stone for clearing the energies of people, other items and other stones. Working with white selenite like this will raise your personal energetic vibration, as well as the energetic vibration of your space in pure love and light. In addition, you can expect this stone to align your chakras, and enhance your psychic work, as well as deepen your meditative abilities. This stone is a must have if you work with crystal healing, and certainly a collector's go to stone for improving the energy in their sacred space.

The base/sphere stand is not included.

This listing is for one white selenite sphere, approximately 75-80 mm.