Agate Ocos Druzy Geode Cave


We have sourced some of the most beautiful agate oco druzy geode caves that can be found in Brazil, and had them sent to us here our very special clients and for our own crystal healing work as well. These are beautiful and one is just not enough! Each one has its own unique shape, color scheme, and sparkles, so grab as many of them as you can while we still have some in stock!

Agate ocos are precious tools for crystal healers because of their incredible ability to ground you with their natural earth mama vibe. Holding them in your hand, you are reminded how incredible such a creation these are, a piece of the earth that took thousands of years to create, working to get you in tune with Gaia energetic vibrations. These stones work on the lower chakra levels because they keep you tethered esoterically to the physical plane. Getting back to the basics of raw, natural healing, these are the perfect specimen for you if you are transitioning to a more natural living existence. Place one of these unique agates on your sacred altar or beside your night table where you sleep, so you can download messages from your spirit guides and totem animals while you are sleeping.

This listing is for one agate oco druzy geode cave in the size of your choosing.