Agatized Petrified Wood Freeform


These intricate and unique tumbled petrified wood free forms are perfect stones for connecting and grounding your energy through the center of the earth, meditating through Shamanic journeying and pathworking, and connecting with your elder spirit guides to obtain ancient wisdom. Each piece is one of a kind so cherish in love it for the real earth magic that it is! Created underground over hundreds of years, it is truly amazing what the earth has to offer us!

Petrified wood connects us with our root and earth star chakras, the place to call upon the wisdom of your ancestral guides and guardians. Working with this stone gives you calm, steady and grounded patience that I have not found with any other material!

 The magic of the agatization of these petrified wood freeforms is additional support and emotional security from one of the oldest materials in the world, agate. Agate is a form of chalcedony that forms in the space where wood once was, filling the gaps cell by cell. It takes 5-10,000 years for wood to become opalized or agatized, so imagine the wisdom and the knowledge held within this material.

This listing is for one polished petrified wood freeform.