Amethyst Angel Aura Sphere (45-50mm)


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The aura bonding on these beautiful amethyst spheres brings happiness and creativity properties to an already magical stone. Whenever you are feeling down, take a look at your pretty aura spheres and it will put life back in perspective for you, reminding you that we need to be thankful for each day, practice the pause, and gratitude for that which we are blessed with. High quality, these amethyst spheres are a perfect gentle reminder that you can remove toxic substances, people and things from your life. These stones, literally translate in Greek to, "not intoxicated." These are stones that help you think clearly, even in times that abstaining feel hard. These are stones of the crown chakra, which help keep us aware of mind over matter.

Manifestations will be at an all time high, as you use the natural manifestation energy that can be found with spheres, capable of radiating their metaphysical properties outward in all directions and affecting all things in their immediate surrounding!