Ancestors Oil Perfume for Honoring and Calling Your Kin


"Ancestors" is a powerful blend of magical notes to invoke the spirits of your deceased loved ones to draw near to you with their protective embrace and their timeless wisdom, wrapping you in their warm embrace, and making you feel safe and loved as you go on a spiritual journey to better understand yourself during this season of shadow. Clove has been used for centuries to protect and defend, regardless of where you are traveling to, and it is well known that the sacred food of the underworld were the seeds of the pomegranate, ingested by Persephone so that she could stay part of the year there with her dark lover and new husband, Hades. It's spiritual significance for its off season fruition, when most land is barren, holds honor and homage to the beauty of this season. May you allow this beautiful blend of aromatic magic to fill your senses at the most fitting time of the year. 

Notes of incense, black amber, black pepper, bay leaf, clove, cider, plum and pomegranate.

This listing is for one 10 ml roller bottle.  

These small batch oil perfumes quite literally invented themselves. We do a lot of work with channeled meditation, and the notes that went into this line is with the help of our guides. We couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out, and we know you will be as well! The oils in our seasonal oil perfumes are a mix of natural essential oils, resins, attars, high quality jojoba carrier oil and may contain fragrance oils. They are all small batch production, so color may slightly vary between batch. External use only. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. My perfumes are hand crafted in small batches. We are cruelty free and always will be.