Aquamarine Cube


Aquamarine, or Beryl, is like holding elemental water magic in your hands! These are simply the best stones to work with if you are overcoming past hurts, emotional wounds from heartaches, connecting with your emotions in a deep way, or wanting to gently explore the trans-formative world of shadow work, with a stone that will gently and nurturing allow you to explore yourself. This is a water element stone, which connects well with the month of March and the Pisces astrological sign. Aquamarine tells us to look inside, and reveals to us the importance of connecting with the self in order to promote healing. Healing always starts from within. This is medicine magic of the finest form. You will be doing yourself a real favor by incorporating this stone into your ritual work. Whether you are enduring a period of happiness, grief, change, or shadow work, this is a stone that will help you to become whole again, so you can move forward in a positive direction in your life and path here on this soul plane.

This listing is for one cube.