Astrophyllite Palm Stones



One of the most ancient stones on the planet, astrophyllite is a power stone for lightworkers and anyone seeking truth in themselves. This stone shimmers with every angle you turn it, reminding you to find the light in all situations, event those appearing dark at first glance. We ourselves are dualistic individuals, and it is important for us to remember to carry our own inner light of healing, love and honesty. Astrophyllite is a stone that heals the root chakra, allowing proper energy flow to move upward through the energy zones in your body. Bringing happiness, love and light into your own life, is easier when you are working with this powerful healing stone. Embracing the good and bad in ourselves, recognizing our own flaws and limitations, and learning how to transform those flaws into strengths that can be used for our highest good can be achieved when you use this stone during your meditation work for speeding up the process of self pathworking and self discovery. Using this stone around Samhain can be an extremely enriching experience for the soul. If you are feeling stressed out or lost on your personal path, hold this stone in your hand and allow it to help you transcend into a happier, more whole version of yourself.

This listing is for one astrophyllite palm stone.

This listing is for one palm stone.