Aura Rose Quartz Spheres



One of the most common stones found in basic crystal healing kits, crystal grids and new learner gemstone sets, rose quartz is a loving, nurturing and heart chakra healing stone that is a basic necessity for those learning how to heal themselves and others with crystals! This is probably one of the first stones we ever used when we were learning. It's beautiful loving energy has been used for years for healing, creating crystal elixirs and in ritual work to raise the energetic vibration, promote love and stimulate personal growth! This stone is a reminiscing stone, a stone that brings back memories of good times you have had! If you are having a rough time, this stone will help you to see the world through rose shaded glasses when you need to. This stone has been called the love stone for as long as I can remember, and is also still a mysterious stone to many geologists, because it is photosensitive, and the shade of pink will fade and change in the sunlight.

Aura Coating is a magical process where metallic materials are superheated and allowed to bond to the outside of crystal materials, allowing for a beautiful, colorful rainbow coating to shine on the outside of them. The addition of the metals enhance their ability to heal and open your third eye chakra to facilitate stronger psychic development, intuition and clairvoyance.

This listing is for one Aura Rose Quartz Sphere.