Be Here Now Inspirational Greeting Card


Our hand-Picked Greeting cards are all sourced from small businesses and artists! Here at Practical Magic Store, we love both supporting small American businesses and bringing unique products to our customers that make unforgettable gifts!

This listing is for one greeting card, pictured, blank inside with a perfectly sized envelope to send it in.

Greeting cards are a perfect way to let someone close to you in your life know that they are seen, heard, acknowledged, understood and valued. Here at Practical Magic Store, we believe that the act of writing a small message to someone you care about is a magical ritual in itself, capable of changing the mood, vibration of course of someone else’s day. There is magic in kindness, there is beauty in acknowledging evolution and growth, there is evolution in change. We always keep a set of meaningful, beautiful cards near the front check out in each of our locations for gift giving to accompany the magical tools you are selecting for your friends and families. This listing is for one greeting card.