Black Opal Pebble Palm

A new find for the gem industry in 2019, Black Opal has been brought to us from the mines of Madagascar, and has instantly become a favorite for us! Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans throughout history have used opals to heal the heart, protect you from worries and anxieties, and calm your nerves. Black opal facilitates a link between the root and crown chakras, and we considered it one of very few integration stones available for you to work with. Throughout history, many legends tell of both for luck and misfortune associated with opal, and often the tales of misfortune involved being given an opal without proper cleansing. In our energy work, we use black opal for going deep into our personal psyche, to access areas of blockages or past traumas and to allow them to be released. Small esoteric cords, still connecting us to places, people and things we believe we have moved on from, are magnified by this stone, so that we may identify them and properly remove them from our auric field.