Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Chip Stones


A master healer stone, Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope, is a stone of powerful healing abilities, both for physical and mental ailments. Most often this is a stone for purifying and detoxifying the body, cleansing and grounding, removing negative energy and removing energetic blockages. Healing with love is a big part of how bloodstone works, targeting the root underlying cause of a condition, and healing it from the root. Healing from the root chakra allows the body to restore the flow of energy to the rest of the chakra centers, bringing about a total body wellness and balance. If you have been feeling irritable, chronically fatigued, or confused, this is the stone for you.

This listing is for one approximately 3.5 oz. bag of Bloodstone (Heliotrope). Bloodstone (Heliotrope) is a Root and Heart Chakra Stone, helpful with healing, grounding, and clearing energetic blockages.