Blue Aragonite Tumbled Stones



These peaceful stones radiate the most loving, harmonious energy you can imagine and I am happy to have some to share with you! These are life's "perspective" stones. I consider them to be highly useful if you are looking for something to promote a calm, centered environment, but to help you with issues of patience and tolerance, grounding you to the energy of mother earth, and allowing you to combat over sensitivity, get a grip on your emotions, and see situations from very realistic perspectives. This stone helps you to get both feet back on the ground when you are dealing with stressful situations, or getting too caught up in drama that you would be better stepping away from so adorning yourself in the magic of all this stone has to offer is an incredible opportunity that you should not pass up. Blue Aragonite works directly on the third eye, heart and throat chakras, reducing stress, relieving anger and helping you to relax. Your mental feelings will simmer and you will start to feel like you once did, when you incorporate these stones into your daily meditation sessions. Likewise, if you have been having a hard time focusing, or getting your work done, blue aragonite will peacefully bring you into a more collected, centered zone, so you can return to the things that matter and get back to achieving your goals without interruption.

This listing is for one blue aragonite tumbled stone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.