Blue Aura Quartz Tower


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Clear quartz works to clear and align all of your chakra zones and can be extremely helpful in keeping you in positive energy flow. With clear quartz, we are constantly reminded that there is still much to learn in life. Learning never ends, and many new lessons will be presented to us. Clear quartz allows us to recognize repetitive emotional patterns throughout all of the phases of our lives, which is key to breaking negative cycles and moving forward in a healthy way. Clear quartz is also an excellent stone to be kept by those who are recovering from addiction like alcohol, drugs or smoking, as it is a stone of purification.

The addition of angel aura bonding to clear quartz is not only beautiful, but adds a layer of intense alchemical transformation power to these stones, with precious metals that add spirit communication properties to the surface of these already magical stones! You can access your guides and spiritual advisors.

This listing is for one aura quartz tower.