Blue Goldstone Cube



These Blue Goldstone Cubes are wonderful stones for meditation; they have also been called "The Stone of Ambition". There is no gold in goldstone. Instead, they are created of quartz sand infused with particles of copper, manganese, and chromium. These brilliant stones invoke good things and new opportunities to come your way. Those who have used these stones have found that they are that extra little push needed to accomplish goals and check items off of their lists!

On an even deeper personal level, these are incredible stones for empaths as they protect and deflect the negative energies that, as an empath, you tend to be more prone to absorbing from others and your surrounding environment. Blue goldstone gives you the energy, courage and wisdom to understand that everything has its own source of energy and vibration, and there is something to be learnt from each situation we are involved in.

Understanding the deeper meanings, the greater lessons, being authentic versions of ourselves that accept who we are as people, is the greatest gift this stone will offer you when you begin to incorporate it into your ritual work.

This listing is for one sparkling Blue Goldstone Cube.