Blue Lace Agate Goddess Crown


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This blue lace agate stone is an extremely versatile, interesting stone. Agate has been mined in a number of ancient civilization locations like Knossos on Crete, Romania and Namibia. In fact, the presence of agate in Knossos on Crete really gives us a deeper understanding of how incredibly old these stones are, dating back to the Minoan culture and civilization that existed during the Bronze Age! Agate stones are associated with the Goddess Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night. She is well known for her magical abilities of protecting from stress and warding off night terrors. Blue Lace Agate is associated with the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Callisto, whom is capable of assisting you in matters of communication, healing the Throat Chakra, and soothing the mind. Clarity of your thoughts, communicating with more ease and eloquence, and maintaining stability of your emotions when you are communicating matters that are near and dear to your heart, or emotionally charged issues, will become much easier when you incorporate blue lace agate and the magic of Callisto and Nyx into your daily work.

This listing is for one Blue Lace Agate Goddess Crown.