Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone



Blue Onyx is a versatile magical crystal material that resonates most closely with overcoming addictions or mental weaknesses that we just can't seem to find a way around. Blue Onyx guides us into the unexplored realms of ourselves to find new ways of strengthening our resolve and willpower, as well as assisting us in developing the deep self-awareness required to break the chains of negative thought cycles in our minds.

In healing this deepest part of our psyche, we are able to find a peace and balance that facilitates the confidence to take risks, change paths, and even speak more loudly our deepest held truths! It provides a stability and a foothold from which we can examine the situations we find ourselves in with an emotional intelligence and clarity that allows us to make the best decisions to serve our greatest good. A peace stems from knowing who you are, where you stand, and that you have the power to make decisions for yourself.

This listing is for one Blue Onyx Tumbled Stone, intuitively picked for you!