Blue Owl Dreamcatcher


Traditionally, the Owl as a spirit animal symbolizes Wisdom, Intuitive Knowledge, Freedom, and Independence. Working with this spirit animal allows you to enhance those traits that you already possess, draw in the energy that you wish to strengthen, and imbue your everyday life with that potent and most magical energy!

Dreamcatchers are said to capture negative or bad dreams in their tangle of string so carefully woven, and allow for more meaningful or positive dreams to come through instead. Hang in your sacred space to ease your dreams for deeper and more meaningful rest, to facilitate more productive dreamwork, or to draw upon the Owl to strengthen your own magic.

This listing is for one Blue Owl Dreamcatcher.

The magic of dreamcatchers: The magic of the dreamcatcher came to be many years ago, given to us in wisdom and spirit by our ancestors and their guides. We have always been deeply connected to our ancestral traditions, and to those of our Native American heritage personally, which we are deeply in tune with and we feel it in our bones and journey as spiritual practitioners. Using dreamcatchers in our homes and our space has been an integral part of our practice since we were children. This connection between the spirit and earthly realms was created to protect us from our nightmares by capturing them when we are asleep, keeping us safe and protected. Dreamcatchers are perfect gifts for those you care about in your life and are incredibly important to our children who have selected theirs and have them in their rooms for protection. We pass this heritage and tradition on to them so that any of their night terrors will be trapped within the web, and leave them only with beautiful, peaceful dreams. Please note: Our family has traced heritage in Native American ancestry, but this item was not produced by an Indian artisan or tribe as is not being purported to be so. Any use of the terms Native American/Indian/Native Indian is not for marketing purposes and is in honor of a beautiful spiritual tradition that we consider to be an integral part of our personal spiritual practice. The items on this listing are not produced by Indians, nor are they the products of Indians or of an individual Indian, tribe of Indians, or Indian Arts and Crafts Organization as defined in 2.5 USC & 305 et seq.