Blue Silver Rose Quartz MEGA #2


Silver blue rose quartz has become our favorite rose quartz since it was introduced to the industry a couple of years ago. We have acquired some of the best bits of it that we have seen anywhere, and we have kept the price affordable for our customers, because we really want you to work with this incredible material. This is an in between rose quartz, that sits somewhere between girasol and pink rose quartz. In the light, it gives off hues of silver and blue, giving you a peaceful, gentle loving energy that is really comforting. There is a lot of heart healing involved in working with this stone, and it is mined closely to beryl materials, which are known well for their ability to aid the heart in healing from trauma and past hurt.

This is a type of rose quartz that really calls on the divine to bring powerful guidance to your activating, balancing, opening your heart chakra and repairing your auric field. Girasol has been long used to help aid in loving, open communication, so there is a bit of added girasol type magic to this stone, that I believe will be very obvious to you when you start working with it. We have had a TON of silver blue rose quartz in our headquarters, and it shows. People are communicating more openly with one another, and it's incredible to watch our employees blossom as individuals, healing and growing together, as well as individually in their own lives. Unconditional selfless love, is the love of rose quartz, and we can't wait for you to start working with this new find magical material.

This listing is for one large mega heart, OOAK #2.