Bronzite Worry Stone

Bronzite is warrior stone. It is a stone for overcoming and working through bad things when they happen to you. No matter the amount of luck you may have, every once in a while we go through something that is difficult for us. These challenges are meant to serve as lessons for us. When our dad died, bronzite was a constant stone in our pockets to get us through, and bring us forward into a stage of acceptance that at the time, I did not believe would ever be possible. Bronzite is partially made of enstatite, what is commonly found in meteorites. These stones help us as reminders that self confidence comes when we make commitments to ourselves, and work towards having love and compassion for ourselves. Moving forward can seem hard to do when you have experienced a great loss, but these stones are compassionate, loving, and ready to assist you in learning the lessons of acceptance that you need.