Cave Stalactite Tumbled Stones


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These are some of the most rare calcite stones available. Mined only in Peru at one particular mine exclusively, we were lucky to receive a small amount of this material. These stalactite, as their name suggests, were formed in a cave, and hold a whole new world of magic within them than any of the stones we have ever had here at Practical Magic. These stones are stones of grounding and stability. The protection of the cave setting makes them naturally enveloping, warm energy stones that provide emotional cushion and protection to you. These stones could technically be categorized as stalagmite, and they are capable of balancing and grounding all of your chakras. Work on meditation and deeper thinking as you connect to your ancient guides and you will easily be able to remain grounded during your work! These are excellent path working stones!

This listing is for one cave stalactite tumbled stone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.