Chalcedony and Fluorite Geode Spirit Flower


These rare and hard to find geodes are deep and powerful magic in a small package. Each geode spirit flower is unique and beautiful, containing a combination of fluorite, chalcedony, and clear quartz. It's gentle and loving energy stimulated the heart chakra to blossom and flourish, gently coaxing it open to allow you to receive the gifts it has to bestow upon you. It is unique in its ability to integrate your energy from the heart chakra all the way up to the third eye, opening up the wisdom of your emotional body to communicate with your intuition and  deep sense of knowing. This material is all about following your instincts and letting your intuition and emotions give you the information you need in order to move forward. It is a powerhouse for emotional healing, and repairing deep childhood and past life wounds. When you meditate with a Spirit Flower, it recenters you, clears your mind, and affords you the balance you need to approach all problems with a level head and a clarity of action. 

This listing is for one Chalcedony and Fluorite Geode Spirit Flower.