Chevron Amethyst Pillow Palm Stones


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Chevron Amethyst is a natural stone of the crown chakra, a region responsible for your higher esoteric connection to the spiritual realm, enlightenment and energy clearing! This is a stone that is essential for crystal healers and is really a positive addition to any crystal collection! This stone will bring in a sense of balance and equilibrium that is unlike any other stone. This stone makes you more focused, more alert, and in control of your destiny. If you are one who suffers with having an addictive personality, whether it is physical or mental addiction, this is an excellent stone for breaking free and getting on top of the situation! Chevron amethyst serves as a gentle reminder that you can remove toxic substances, people and things from your life. These stones, literally translate in Greek to, "not intoxicated." These are stones that help you think clearly, even in times that abstaining feel hard. These are stones of the crown chakra, which help keep us aware of mind over matter.

This listing is for one beautiful chevron amethyst pillow palm stone, approximately 1.50-1.75 inches in size on average. Each one is unique with its own special markings and we will intuitively select one for you when you place your order!

This listing is for one pillow palm.