Chrysanthemum Palm Stones


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These stones are so unique and original that its hard not to pause in admiration of Mother Earth's incredible creation when you hold one of these stones in your hands! These beautiful stones were created from feldspar, celestite, andalusite, clay gypsum, dolomite, limestone and other mineralized materials of the earth to produce these gorgeous black rocks with white mineralized flower blossoms on them for our enjoyment! These have been sourced for their smooth cut that makes them perfect for healing work as palm stones. Working with these stones in your healing work helps you to be present in the moment, and allows you to see the bigger picture of things, which may also aid you in finding your true life purpose with more clarity and focus! Chrysanthemum stones has a very strong energetic vibration, and their earthy grounding energy helps to give you the firm foundation you need to put your discovered purpose into action.

This listing is for one chrysanthemum palm stone.

This listing is for one palm stone.