Cord Cutting Magical Salt Blend


Imbued with all things to help you break the ties that bind you and bring negative energy into your life, this magical salt blend was created with channeled intention, deep magic, and love!

Here at Practical Magic Store, our salt blends are created using high quality salts of many kinds, mystical glitters, high quality essential and fragrance oils, and dried herbs. All of these secret and powerful substances come together to create something truly special to add to your practice.

Sprinkle this salt around your sacred space, carry a sachet of it with you as you travel and go about your daily life, use it to dress spell or chime candles, or even keep it as an offering on your altar to help free and protect yourself from binding cords. These salt blends have almost endless applications, and will serve you in so many ways!

This listing is for one 3.5oz. package of magical salt blend.


This salt blend is NOT recommended for the bath.


Recommended use: personal spell or ritual work, doorways, bottle/jar intention creations, circle boundaries.