Dendritic Agate Hearts - Medium


Dendritic Agate is a stone with grounding capabilities that I have not yet seen any other stone surpass. This is definitely a "YOLO" stone if there ever was one. It calls for you to pay attention to it NOW. Live in the present moment. Be present in your everyday life. Experience your journey. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your presence. It's true my friends, you don't need to give presents to people, you need to give them your presence. Your loved ones need you to be there with them, and this is a stone that genuinely reminds you of the things that matter most in life. Anyone who is working towards personal transformation, awareness, self actualization, really any deep process of working on the self should incorporate this stone into their meditation work. This is a stone of self perseverance, keeping your grounded and fully aware as you go through periods of challenge and transformation. Understanding your own limitations, whether they are self imposed or actual limitations, and overcoming self destructive emotions, are all major benefits of working with this stone.

This stone creates a strong connection to the plant kingdom, and can be placed in your house in areas where you feel there is energetic disturbance as a way of allowing gaia's healing energy work to flow throughout the space and heal it of any and all imbalances. If you are a gardener or agricultural business person, this is a stone to have in your possession as it is deeply connected to Earth's auric energetic fields and keeps one grounded and connected to the physical world.