Dragon Blood Jasper Mini Spheres

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Dragon Blood Jasper is a member of the quartz family of chalcedony. It has beautiful arrays of forest green colors and vibrant red patterning throughout, making each piece incredibly different and unique. Local legend believes that it is the remains of ancient dragons, with the green representing their skin and the red their blood. This stone is well named for it's ability to reinforce courage, strengthen your resolve, and enhance your rational and critical thinking skills. In addition, it gently allows you to experience greater love, compassion and forgiveness then ever before. This is a stone that gives you the vigor and drive to push forward, yet allows you to live life more beautifully and to your own full potential. The green matrix in this stone is made up of epidote, and the red is from piedmontite. Healing your life force energy, and working to reach your personal maximum energetic vibrations, is what this stone has perfected, and I am so excited for you to start working with it! Use this stone when doing ritual work for manifesting financial wealth gains, or for luck during gambling and games of chance!

This listing is for one mini sphere.