Electric Candle Lighter with Usb Rechargeable Battery


About this product

The solid-metal rechargeable candle lighter creates an electric spark that's perfect for lighting candle wicks. Available in Black or Rose Gold Pink. Each charge provides weeks of usage, and can be recharged over and over. No more burnt fingertips, no more black soot on you hands- the elongated design allows the igniter to reach to the bottom of a jar candle with no pain and no mess. Handy storage hook doubles as built-in USB cable; never lose or search for the cable. Just plug in and charge on any standard USB port. Triple redundancy safety features: retractable leads, covered button, and auto shut-off help to reduce risk of unwanted fire. Capable of lighting candle wicks in windy outdoor conditions, unlike most lighters. Other helpful uses include camping fire starter, stovetop igniter, and more.