Empowered Transformation Wand Display


This beautiful display piece is a stunning way to greet your visitors in your space.

Septarian, also commonly referred to as the "Dragon's Stone" is an incredibly intricate stone. I consider these stones to be self growth, personal development stones, and if you are coming into a time of change, or feeling broken and down about yourself, these are the stones you need to remind you of everything you have accomplished in life. Like the septarian stones, full of cracks, so we too and shaped and molded by the good (and bad) things that happen to us in our lifetime, and it is important to acknowledge that this is something to respect, cherish and be proud of, not to feel badly about.

Septarian, when used in meditation and healing work, allows us to connect better with ancient elder spirit guides, becoming more receptive to their messages, especially when we are sleeping. These are incredibly powerful stones that work directly on your throat chakra, teaching you to speak up, and giving you your opinion and voice back. Having courage and self confidence comes along with healing the throat chakra, so don't be surprised if you find that you surprise yourself with your restored boldness.

This beautiful piece is featuring a huge druzy septarian, as well as a stunning rutilated quartz tower on a base of cholla cactus wood. This is a handcrafted display piece. The parts do not come apart. 

Golden rutilated quartz, also know as "the hairs of venus" are capable of connecting with the spirit realm, contacting your spirit guides almost like antennas, and amplifying your intentions, broadcasting them to the universe and helping the universe to conspire in your favor! 

This listing is for the large specimen display piece pictured.