Flower of Life 12 Inch Glass Suncatcher


The Flower of Life is not only a beautiful, geometrically balanced symbol, but also said to be one of the most widely recognized symbols in Sacred Geometry. Representing the Cycle of Life, it is believed that the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe are held within this symbol. Throughout time flowers have held many sacred meanings. They have represented both birth and death. The Flower of Life has been associated with youth and beauty, passion and pleasure. The Flower of Life not only represents new life and birth, but can also represent the passage from life to death. New buds grow and mature to full bloom, then wilt, become fragile and die. 

This Flower of Life Suncatcher is a beautiful representation of the Circle of Life – from beginning to end. And, when hung where the sun can allow it to reflect its colorful design, will help you to pause, reflect, and always remember that we are a part of that unique and ever-changing cycle. 

Please note: This suncatcher comes with a chain attached to hang it by. The metal stand is not included, but is available for purchase separately.