Fluorite Bracelet 8 mm


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Fluorite is a very spiritual stone and can help you clear and open your chakras, and also protect your aura. This allows you to be able to safely work on your spiritual development. When you wear your fluorite bracelet, you can feel the incredible amount of spiritual energy that this stone emits. Fluorite is a stabilizing stone, working to balance anything that is unbalanced within your spiritual self. It calms you when you are feeling overwhelmed, and can help to bring suppressed feelings to the surface and gives you the strength and guidance to deal with them with a clearer and more focused mind. Fluorite is also a multi-dimensional crystal which helps you to reach your highest vibration and attune with Spirit. It will awaken your intuitive powers and inner wisdom, to help you to develop an understanding of other realities that are on the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions. Fluorite is especially associated with the Third Eye (6th), or Brow Chakra. This is Chakra directs our awareness of the world and things around us, and how we relate to those things. It helps you balance your emotions and calm the chaos of everyday life so that you can take a step back and see everything more clearly. Once we can do that, life will go smoother and you will be able to have a new outlook on life, with new ideas, dreams and visions.

This listing is for one beautiful Fluorite stretch bracelet. Please know that any stone you purchase from us has been charged on our sacred altar space, recharged in the full moonlight, and cleansed with pure white sage before they are packaged and sent to you! You can shop with confidence, knowing that each stone has been hand selected and prepared for your use before you receive it!

Please Note: You may or may not receive the same stone photographed depending on supply at the time of your order. We hand select all of our stones directly from our suppliers, going through and choosing the best that are available. However, they are all extremely unique, so they each have their own markings, qualities and imperfections. We do try to fulfill requests as closely as possible, based on the stones we have left.

This listing is for one gemstone bracelet. Gemstone bracelets are available in hundreds of stones at Practical Magic. We are firm believers in adorning yourself daily with the gifts of Gaia. Intentionally choosing your jewelry daily is a part of dressing your most sacred space, your personal body. Isn't it amazing that mother earth grows her own jewelry? Using your stones for their metaphysical properties is super easy when you have them available in jewelry form! You can stack bracelets to help you with multiple intentions! Have fun!