Shungite Specimen


Partially polished

This is one of my most favorite stones for cleansing my sacred space, so I am very pleased to be able to offer shungite to you now from a very high quality source! Shungite, is a stone that I believe seeks the people that need it most. If you end up acquiring it, or feeling drawn to acquire it, you will know that you need it in some capacity. Not only is it capable of removing negative attachments from objects, places and people, but it is also a very good stone for cleansing a whole room, and repelling/dispelling negative effects of EMF.

Historically, shungite was used by during the process of purifying drinking water. You can always feel a difference after you have cleansed a room or object with shungite. The energy of the space will seem lighter and more free. This is also a useful tool if you find that you have been experiencing poor sleeping patterns or several nightmares.

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