Angel Aura Clear Quartz Spheres


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I couldn't take a photograph that could do justice to the rainbow hues and inclusions of these gorgeous, gemmy angel aura clear quartz spheres that we sourced for you! These are iridescent, sparkling magical spheres ready for your use! Angel aura is also sometimes referred to as opal aura, and are created when clear quartz is bonded with gold and iridium with a heat treatment, making them permanently changed. The metallic addition to these spheres, makes them perfect for crown chakra healing, and divine energy clearing on a whole new level! The addition of the metal enhance their ability to heal and open your third eye chakra, which works well with psychic development, intuition and clairvoyance. Deepen your spiritual connection to your guides and source, when you incorporate these incredibly magical spheres in your spiritual work. Clear quartz is a stone capable of cleansing, clearing and balancing any chakra energy zone, as well as enhancing manifestation abilities.

Spheres radiate energy from their center core out in all directions around them – they cross time and space, as well as travel through all chakra centers. Hold them in your hands during meditation or ritual to allow yourself to absorb this balancing energy. Just hold yours in meditation or ritual to invoke this equal spread of energy. Due to the nature of clear quartz, you can use this sphere for divination by gazing.

This listing is for one gorgeous gemmy aura quartz sphere, between 20-30 mm. Photo is a picture reference of the color of the sphere (not size specific.)

See our other listings for other colors as well!

Please Note: You may or may not receive the same stone sphere photographed depending on supply at the time of your order. We hand select all of our pieces directly from our suppliers, going through and choosing the best that are available. However, they are all extremely unique, so they each have their own markings, qualities and imperfections. We do try to fulfill requests as closely as possible, based on the stones we have left, but we will select one out of the supply we have.