Golden Rutilated Quartz Tower (Small)


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Gosh! I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful these Grade A golden rutilated quartz polished stones are! I guess you will need to get one so you can truly see for yourself it's incredible glimmer and shine. Hold it up in the sunlight and look at it's golden rutile strands, known to many as the "hairs of venus." These gemmy stones are capable of connecting with the spirit realm, contacting your spirit guides almost like antennas, and amplifying your intentions, broadcasting them to the universe and helping the universe to conspire in your favor! Whenever I meditate with one of these stones, my meditations are deeper and more trance like than normal, so save this one for a before sleep meditation, which should help you to induce astral travel and lucid dreaming with more ease!

This listing is for one tower.