Green Aventurine Hearts



Green Aventurine is a powerhouse of prosperity, abundance and manifestation energy that is ready to be spiritually attuned and energetically linked to you. In Italian, a ventura means "chance" which relates well to those who wear this stone for it's brilliant metaphysical properties. Green Aventurine is formed from tiny particles of fuschite and quartz and has also been referred to by alchemists as the "stone of opportunity." This is a stone that is capable of aligning you in aiding with opportunities like landing a new job, obtaining a promotion, or increasing chances of luck. This is an excellent stone for gamblers or those who like to play games of chance! In times when you feel like you need motivation and endurance to persevere in overcoming obstacles, you should choose this green aventurine heart to possess in your arsenal of crystal healing protection!

This listing is for one Green Aventurine Heart.