Green Goldstone Tower


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These gemmy sparkle stones were created in Venice during the seventeeth century, and have been used by metaphysical practitioners and healers ever since. Although man made using glass, chromium and copper particles, it is easily forgotten that glass in itself is made of silica sand and quartz. This my dears, is by all means what alchemy is, and I have found that the incredible abilities of these stones are not any less because they were alchemically created.

Green goldstone, different from red and blue goldstone, is definitely a heart chakra healing stone. If you are a Reiki practitioner, or anyone that works with distance healing, you will find that sending and receiving healing is much easier with the aid of this stone. Some also believe this stone to be an excellent stone to incorporate into gainful manifestation energy work, as it is extremely useful in energy harnessing and directing for abundance. In addition, this stone is already very good with coveting you in a blanket of spiritual protection, so your healing and manifesting work is well protected.

This listing is for one green goldstone tower.