Inca Aroma's Ancient Resin Incense Sticks (Choose Your Type)


Infuse your space with the enchanting scents of our Inca Aroma Incense. Drawing on ancient healing practices from around the world, these incense sticks are handcrafted in the historical Brazilian city of Pirenópolis using essential oils taken from raw, sustainably harvested plants and natural materials. These pure ingredients are paired with frankincense, rough salt and cleansing charcoal to create unexpected and totally unique scents. Perfect for refreshing any room of the house, choose from eight harmonious fragrances.

•four sticks
•100% natural ingredients
•infused with essential oils, charcoal, frankincense and rough salt
•approximately 90 minute burn time
•light tip until burning and then gently blow out
•place in a fireproof container in a well ventilated area
•approximately 5" sticks