Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone


These mystic merlinite indigo gabbro stones are some of the highest quality I have ever seen! This is a stone of the highest alchemical quality, capable of helping you to summon your inner High Priestess, and work with your Crown Chakra to connect with higher energy levels. This stone is a powerful conduit of psychic awareness. Meditate with these stones to increase your telepathy, clairvoyance, and have them in hand during your magical work! These are excellent stones for any level of magical student, and they are a go to stone for us on our altar table in our sacred space. If you feel so called by one of these stones, act quickly, as we are not sure when we will be able to get more of them! Merlinite is a stone of feldspar and quartz, similar to the feldspar of moonstone and labradorite, so if you are looking to acquire other stones perfect for magical work, check those out as well! Mystic merlinite is a perfect stone for manifestation energy, a powerful aid to achieving the goals of your magical work!

This listing is for one palm stone.