June New Moon Petitioning Ritual Casting


This ritual casting will take place on June 17th after dark. We accept orders until 6 pm EST on the day of casting. 

What is the new moon? Setting intentions at the new moon is an extremely powerful event. The new moon is the beginning of the waxing phase, and is justly the beginning of the entire lunar phase cycle. The moon is dark, attaining a small bit of light from the sun, but is  not yet visible in most cases to us. There is power that lies here in the creation of new, the setting of intentions for new chapters, the beginning of new projects. The action of creation is on your side at this time, because although she is dark and one cannot see what lies ahead for possibilities, she is full of life and activation energy.

 On the new moon, Carly & Nellie privately cast their intentions to the universe and to source, the cosmos of all that is esoterically and beyond. Doing this work for years privately, this will be the first time in 2023, that this offering is coming available to the community as a whole for them to cast on your behalf. You can choose when you feel you want to have your intentions cast for you, by placing your order and adding your intentions into the order notes. These castings are private and your intentions will not be shared with anyone else. This is your private intention that you can submit with your order and can be as specific as your need it to be. 

Carly and Nellie will perform the ritual of petitioning casting on the above mentioned night, and will light your chime candle in a bath of salt that the candles will drip into. A scoop of material will be collected for you, along with the already lit chime candle, which will be extinguished and shipped to you to complete burning after you receive it.

After you are done burning your candle, you are to collect any remnants, add it to the remnants mailed to you with your chime candle, and return it to the earth by way of burying it. You are the last part of your petitioning work. 

Please note: This is not a LIVE event that you will have access to. This is private ritual spell casting work completed on your behalf by Nellie & Carly on the night indicated. Carly and Nellie have been studying and working with occult magic for 15+ years, and this will be the first time they are offering this option to the community. 

By law, we are required to notify you that spell casting work is considered sellable as entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee or imply to guarantee the results of any spell work we perform for you. This is a non-refundable, all sales final, purchase with us. Thank you for letting us cast on your behalf and the brightest blessings to you always.