Kiwi Jasper Sphere (appx. 55-60mm)


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Kiwi, or Sesame Jasper is one of the prettiest minty light green and sea foam spotted jasper stones you can have! This stone is known as the "nurturing stone" for it's ability to help healers, counselors and therapists with their healing practices, working on both the healer and the person being healed. Hold this stone in your hand and you will see what I mean! As you hold the stone for long enough, your hands become warm around the stone and it's loving, nurturing energy will make you feel better all over. This is an excellent stone to use if you have been feeling under the weather, and to give to anyone who has been battling any long hospitalizations, as it promotes renewal and restoration of the body and mind, stabilizing your auric field. Unifying and balancing your body and energy centers, this is a stone for bringing tranquility and support to those who have been suffering stressful times. When you start incorporating this stone into your sacred space for meditation and healing, you will find yourself with elevated spirits and a much better mood.

This listing is for one Kiwi Jasper Sphere, size approximately anywhere between 55-60 mm.