Lemon Chrysoprase Chip Stones


Lemon Chrysoprase works in coordination with the Heart Chakra, opening you up to love and helping you to commit to the important things in life. In addition, it helps us to look into our own hearts, to see how we hurt others, recognize when we are being selfish, impulsive or compulsive, so we may modify those behaviors. I have always referred to this stone as the "stone of truth." It allows us to see the truth in ourselves, as well as the truth in others. This would also be a beneficial stone is you are dealing with loss, as it will help you work through the stages of denial, anger and acceptance in quicker time. I tell all of my clients, loss does not have to mean death - loss can be loss of a job, a relationship, a loved one to drugs. All of these things create a hole that was previously filled for us, and it is important that we move through the stages of that grief before we can move forward whole again.

This listing is for one bag, approximately 3.5 oz. of Lemon Chrysoprase Chip Stones. Lemon Chrysoprase is a Heart Chakra Stone, and promotes inner child healing and helps with overcoming compulsive thoughts and feelings.