Lepidolite Disk Palm


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Lepidolite is the perfect anti sadness stone for your collection, particularly because it is made of micanized lithium, (lithium) has long been used for mood balancing and anti depression medications so it is no surprise that it’s stone is so incredibly powerful as well.  Finding these beauties in large gemmy palm stone form was really a treat for me! When you incorporate lepidolite into your healing practices, you will find that negativity simply cannot exist where it is. This makes it a perfect stone to place in your sacred space, and to adorn your sacred body with. Feeling heavy, chronic fatigue, sadness you cannot place your finger on why you are feeling? See how much more you can get accomplished when you are feeling free and balanced. Hide some of these stones in a child’s room (somewhere out of reach) to make them feel more settled and comfortable. These are stones of massive chakra healing, as lepidolite is capable of working on multiple chakras at the same time to create complete balance and alignment so your energy starts flowing properly again!