Luke & the Longest Night (Hardcover)

Luke loves the winter solstice, a celebration filled with songs, treats, and best of all gifts. But when a thunderstorm turns out the lights on his Yule party, Luke will remember what really matters most—the joy of being with those we love. The second book in Kathleen Converse's Wheel of the Year series, Luke & the Longest Night, features a new cast of friends gathering on the pagan winter celebration of Yule. This heartwarming book includes a series of illustrated spells following the story as well as back matter on winter solstice celebrations. Illustrated by Hanna Sultanova, Luke & the Longest Night will be the perfect addition to Yule festivities for children growing up in nature-based households. This listing is for copies of the first printed edition of Luke & the Longest Night (2022). You will receive an 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover copy with spot UV cover detailing.