Magical Unicorn Towers: Lepidolite, Smoky Quartz, and Pink Tourmaline


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We are so happy to happy to have found these perfect heart healing stones for you to start working with! Pink Tourmaline are incredible heart chakra stones, so they will help you overcome feelings of self perceived limitations, lack of confidence and self esteem, increasing the understanding and general feeling of universal love, acceptance of truth, and healing of previous emotional pain. We learn lessons in life that make us wiser and stronger, but we no longer have to carry the burden of those lessons on our backs and in our hearts. With understanding, these stones will allow you to work past those hurts and release them, lightening your heart chakra and allowing new, positive love and changes to flow in. If you have been struggling with committing to a relationship, these stones will help you to release issues that have been stopping you, allowing you to finally either open up and receive love into your heart, or move on to new and better things. These stones are passionate stones, so don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling more romantic! 

Lepidolite is the perfect anti sadness stone for your collection, particularly because it is made of micanized lithium, (lithium) has long been used for mood balancing and anti depression medications so it is no surprise that it's stone is so incredibly powerful as well.  When you incorporate lepidolite into your healing practices, you will find that negativity simply cannot exist where it is. This makes it a perfect stone to place in your sacred space, and to adorn your sacred body with. Feeling heavy, chronic fatigue, sadness you cannot place your finger on why you are feeling? See how much more you can get accomplished when you are feeling free and balanced. Hide some of these stones in a child's room (somewhere out of reach) to make them feel more settled and comfortable.

It has been said that smoky quartz is clear quartz after it has absorbed all the dark and negative energy out of the world, turning it to a dark smoky color. The legend behind the stone, goes well with its metaphysical characteristics, so we will leave that up to your own belief on that. For us, smoky quartz is a powerful healing tool we use quite frequently when we are doing ritual work. If you have been feeling down, tired, mentally and physically ill, this is the stone for you because it absorbs some of that negative energy from you and your surrounding. This is an excellent stone to have in your sacred space, or in a place in your home where many congregate.

This listing is for one Magical Unicorn Tower.