Millennial Gaia Statue (Mega)


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Gaia was the embodiment of the earth itself and the mother of all life. She oversaw the fertility of crops and safeguarded children and fledgling life of all kinds.

She is the personification of Earth, and so she has the power to control and influence Earth. She is the mother of all creation and the ruler of Nature, so everything that we know today can be traced back to her handiwork and influence.

Since she has such a strong influence over Nature, she is believed to be a goddess of prophecy. She can control the forces of Nature and perform magick, so if she deemed that something has to change or grow, she would make it so. while she may not be able to see into the future to see prophecies, she has the power to make them for others to learn and be warned by. 

Gaia, no matter how many years it has been, still holds her reign as being the Mother Goddess, no matter how many painful trials she has been put through. She is the embodiment of Earth, so as long as she remains alive, so shall the Earth and all that live on it.

24" Tall Statue.

This listing is for one statue