Multi Rutilated Quartz Bracelets


These multi rutilated quartz bracelets are absolutely mesmerizing! Like clear quartz, rutilated quartz works well in amplifying and magnifying energetic vibrations. It also helps you to discern the energetic vibrations and true nature of others, gently and with ease. These bracelets are truly for lovers of ALL THE THINGS. They hold immense energy within them, and once you are wearing them, you will find it interesting how easy it is for you to energetically size up a person's vibration. This can truly be beneficial for you to identify if you are wanting to become more or less involved with an individual. It works well in transforming and improving your own vibration, and you will be able to raise your energy vibration easier once you are aware of it.

This listing is for one multi rutilated quartz bracelet, stretchy in size and approximately 10 mm bead size.

Gemstone bracelets are available in hundreds of stones at Practical Magic. We are firm believers in adorning yourself daily with the gifts of Gaia. Intentionally choosing your jewelry daily is a part of dressing your most sacred space, your personal body. Isn't it amazing that mother earth grows her own jewelry? Using your stones for their metaphysical properties is super easy when you have them available in jewelry form! You can stack bracelets to help you with multiple intentions! Have fun!