Nag Champa and Seven Chakra Incense Sticks Combo Box by Satya


This listing is for one Nag Champa and Seven Chakra Stick Incense Combo Box. This is a Combo Box, so one half (8 grams) of the box are Nag Champa Sticks and the other half (8 grams) are Seven Chakra Sticks.

We also stock other variations of these Incense Stick Combo Boxes by Satya.

Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes

Sticks Size: 8" Long

These sticks are hand-rolled in India, and are environmentally friendly, using recyclable paper. Non-toxic materials are used with no animal by-products. There is no child labor used in the production of these products.

Incense has been used by many cultures for centuries for releasing a fragrance when burned. This aroma is revered for both meditation and aromatherapy. Here at Practical Magic, we offer hundreds of different incense choices for our customers to imbue their sacred spaces with loving and cleansing energy!